^^ MY MIND IN BLOWN! The deer in Nara know how to use the cross walk!? Before I know it, they’ll be shaking my hand! ^^

^^ Deer food AKA pancakes in Lucy’s language. ^^

^^ This sign totally wigged me out — Why do they have to use grandmas and kids for examples!? ^^

^^ DEER SELFIES! ^^We stopped in Nara on our way to Tokyo from Kyoto, and I’M SO GLAD THAT WE DID! It was by far the funniest, most adventurous day of our trip. First, we locked up our luggage in a locker at the metro station (unlike what we did in Kyoto… cough cough) and then we were off to find some deer! I was super nervous because the first sign we saw, said that the deer “Bite, Kick, Butt, and Knock Down” and it showed old ladies and children as the examples!? I was pretty freaked, to say the least. It’s crazy because the city is literally inhabited with deer. It’s not like an attraction where you pay to go see them — They’re just hanging out everywhere! We had our first deer sighting and it was CROSSING THE ROAD casually with a group of people on the CROSS WALK! My jaw about hit the floor! They’re like… Human!? We also heard that they have lived with the Japanese culture for so many years, that they actually bow to you when you have food. So we got some food, and put it to the test! Brad approached a deer, help up a cracker, and the deer BOWED to him! Once again my jaw hit the floor! I felt like we were in some kind of Disney cartoon!? I was so scared at the beginning, but faced my fear to go feed the deer and completely fell in love with it. I still didn’t have the urge to pet it though. 😉 Lucy thought it was the coolest thing, and was so sympathetic about the deer that started crying when we ran out of food! She still talks about how “That deer was so sad, it cry! It wants more pancakes”.

We started walking to the other end of Nara Park to see if we could buy more deer food somewhere, and walked across the street with a herd of deer. I felt like it was NOT real life!? Like, what is happening right now!? And everyone around me was acting like it was so normal. When we got to the other side of the street, the deer were not so nice. They were pushy, and started eating EVERYTHING! Like random papers in the bottom of our stroller, and our jackets! AH! It was terrifying! I was trying so hard to keep my cool, in fear that one would sense it, and knock me down – hahaha! Every time one started walking towards us Lucy was like, “MOM! IT’S COMING!” and pulled the lid of her stroller over her face! Luckily the deer weren’t too interested in our girls, or I would have been out of there so fast. 

It was about time to go, and we found the cutest little fawn to give the rest of our food to. By the end, Brad was petting it like a dog and taking selfies with it!? Hahahha. Guys. I don’t even know, anymore.

On our way out we bought matching deer hats — We kept seeing Japanese couples dressed all matchy-matchy, so we couldn’t help but join in on the fun! They say that couples that match together, stay together — right!? :p I wish that you could see the tails on the back of the hats in the picture – they are priiiiime. Honestly, the best souvenirs. And that’s not the only souvenir we got, after checking the bottom of our shoes and our stroller wheels… :p

Sunglasses: Free People
Red Jacket: ASOS


  1. Aliyah
    April 12, 2017 / 4:58 am

    Dyingggg at those deers!! I just finished reading all of your blog posts this morning. (also, four posts in ONE day?! and four more!!? heck yeah!! 😉 Japan sounds soo amazing! Can’t wait to visit one day!

  2. Chelsea
    April 12, 2017 / 9:48 am

    I L O V E that last selfie of you guys and how stoked the people are in the background!!!! I looks like they are pushing around little lucy in that stroller!

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