I’ve been editing the Zambia Expedition video for over a week now, and I’m coming to the conclusion that no matter how I edit the video, it’s impossible to sum up what I felt… These ten days changed me forever.

We set our cameras down for a lot of this expedition as we were immersed in extreme poverty, and I really have no words for it all, except for the immense love that I felt that God has for all of His children. There is so much power behind faith and the human connection. As we sat in the homes of the I Am Zambia students, I was so impressed with the passion behind these girls to be the generation of “cycle breakers”. The generation that pursues an education and chases their dreams to support their families! I became really close with one the students, Gladys, and she gave me the chills as we walked through the compound saying, “I was born here, I was raised here, but I will not die here!” and I am so thrilled to follow along her journey to success.

We have so much love and respect for Heidi and Dianne! They are the founders of I Am Zambia, and they have hearts of gold. They are like family to us now!


I legit felt like a toy in the caterpillar room this day — SO MUCH LOVE! ?

We’re so thankful for this online community, and we are so thrilled to come together with all of you to partner with Gumroad to release these mobile presets! ALL proceeds will go to the students of I AM ZAMBIA! This allows the girls of Lusaka to get out of human trafficking, and become young entrepreneurs. ❤️✨ Together let’s be the “cycle breakers” of social media by giving the gift of education and opportunity these young girls. Love to you all!

**Photos courtesy of Tyson French and Tell The Birds


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