Filming Solo in Tokyo

I successfully traveled to Japan on my own this week & I wont lie, feeling at my all time high with travel independence right now! I was filming an event not too far from Tokyo when we had a 4 hour break in the middle of the day… So what did I do? Studied my google maps, then off I went to take on the big city! I bought my ticket and hopped on board. What an adventurous feeling! The only blonde in miles I swear ha. I was nervous about traveling in a big city with my camera out, but I’ve never felt so safe before! The Japanese culture is so respectful, I never got weird looks or felt threatened once.  I got to Shibuya without a problem, and off I went! Crossing the street with a million other people and taking landmark photos so I could find my way back. The time came when I was supposed to head back and I couldn’t figure out how to purchase a train ticket! EVERYTHING was in Japanese characters. I instantly went into a cold sweat and thought of the only thing I could do — I stood in the middle of the busiest station in Tokyo yelling “English!? English!! English!?!” People passed me by, not understanding what I was asking when FINALLY these two cute girls with broken english came and helped me find my way. PHEW! Learned my lesson that time. I made it back just in time to film.
 ^^I got to Shibuya on my own? You bet I’m going to take a selfie.^^
Have I mentioned how awesome the breakfast is in Japan? They have EVERYTHING! Including candy. I about peed my pants coming across this one morning… “Jerry Beans”.
Ahhhhahahhaha yessssss
Shibuya was seriously insane! Did you know over 1.5 million people cross this street a day!? A cute girl I met from Thailand snapped this pic for me.

I filmed at Tokyo Disney Land (my dream come true) and I may have secretly fastpassed some rides on my way out, only to return later that night to ride some rides! Yeah!! Oh man I was wishing Brad was with me so bad. It was kinda awkward, clearly being the american standing in line all by myself. I got the crap scared out of me on ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ Hahah and I was tempted to buy this picture that was snapped on Indiana Jones! Ha! I love how I’m the driver, and completely clueless. But I must say, hearing Mickey Mouse speak in Japanese was by FAR my favorite part about it all.

I promise I don’t go all these places just to play, even though I pretend like I do. 🙂 Here is the event I filmed out there:

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