FAROE ISLANDS – Travel Guide Series

Welcome to the FAROE ISLANDS! Lucy still calls The Faroe Islands, “Fairy Islands”, and I don’t think that I will ever correct her. 😉 We have had so much fun putting together this TRAVEL GUIDE SERIES complete with FOUR EPISODES – So be sure to scroll down and watch all four! I’m also sharing a detailed itinerary at the very end for all of you wanting to know all the nitty gritty details about this family adventure!

If I could sum up our time spent in the Faroe Islands in one word, it would be “Magical”. Being raised with such strong Scandinavian roots (I’m half Norwegian), the rich culture brought me back to my own childhood. Especially listening to the thick Faroese accents! Plus seeing the world though Lucy and Greta’s eyes always makes our travels so much sweeter. They bring this element of “play” wherever they go, and I love traveling with them for that exact reason. The days were long, and full of so much laughter — we hit our pillows so hard every night!

DAY 1: We slept in after our long journey the day before and drove down to the harbor in Torshavn to grab a ferry and I had to peel my jaw off of the floor because it was so unbelievably CUTE! Colorful boats and buildings with grass rooftops… It was like stepping into a storybook everywhere we turned. We got to the ferry port only to realize that WE MISSED THE FERRY that we were supposed to take to Nolsoy! And the next one didn’t depart for another four hours. So we made the best out of the situation by walking up to the lighthouse and exploring Torshavn. It actually worked out for the best because we were able to run back to our place and give the girls a quick nap before our journey!

We took the ferry to Nolsoy where the population is 220 and spent the afternoon with a little family who lives on the island! Lucy’s favorite part was feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs on their farm. 🙂 It was so cool to see first hand how life is on the island! So slow paced and family is the center focus of everything.

Our second day we hiked to the famous lookout at Sørvágsvatn! The weather was rainy, but we decided to put on our rain gear and just go for it. I mean, when would we ever get another opportunity to do this!? The girls were such troopers with the unpredictable weather and to ride on our backs the whole way up! Greta loved pointing to all the “moos” which we later found out were sheep – hahah – We got out and wiggled around a couple times on the way up, but kept the girls strapped in pretty tight as we got to the cliffside. 😉 When we got to the top my mind was BLOWN by the sight of Sørvágsvatn — it was a total optical illusion with the fresh water above, and then the ocean below. I could’ve sat on the edge of that cliff all day!

On our third day we took a ferry to the northern island of Kalsoy, and we got SO LUCKY with the sunny weather! We arrived and met up with our guide, Rani, who previously lived in the village of 25 people (Yes, 25 people!!) and he took us to have lunch with his family who currently lives on the island! Lucy and Greta loved running around with the kids, and I couldn’t get over the view out of the windows. It was a literal fairytale.

We hiked to the lighthouse beside the village and it was hands down, the prettiest view I’ve ever seen in my entire life! The green rolling cliffs against the turquoise water and the fog whipping around us. Our guide, Rani, made the adventure that much more special by singing songs and telling us folklore stories about trolls and even had Lucy put her ear up to the big boulders along the way to hear if any elves were home inside. 😉 We came a little under prepared for this hike (you’ll notice I’m in my wellies) and I actually biffed it pretty hard on the way up with Greta on my back! Luckily neither of us got hurt, but yeah… Those boots were not the best idea for this hike — So if you do this, bring hiking shoes!

Greta kept wanting to get out of the carrier to frolic with the sheep! This girl is in LOVE with animals – So I let her down to run around but the grass was so tall that she was tripping all over the place… Hence, she fell asleep shortly after. 🙂

Lucy listening to see if the elves are home. 😉

On our fourth day we drove around the island and explored aimlessly. It was such an adventure taking turns on random roads to find the most beautiful views! We ate a ton of gas station “gummies” and Lucy took a couple potty breaks beside the beautiful nature. 😉

Day five was the long awaited adventure –MYKINES aka PUFFIN ISLAND where there are literally hundreds of puffins EVERYWHERE! We got such a workout carrying the girls straight uphill but it was soooo worth it! Seeing their eyes light up over the puffins was priceless. Oh, and please tell me you appreciated Lucy’s fall down the hillside right next to that pile of poo!? Hahaha I’m still in shock that she didn’t cry about it! Love you Lucy Lou!

Once we got done with our hike we walked around Mykines and I couldn’t get over the charm of this place. Everyday of our adventures just kept getting better and better! We walked into this little cafe to get some fish soup (best soup ever if you visit!) and it felt like we were walking into the bar scene off of Walter Mitty — there was a mixtape playing 80’s music on a cassette player and everything! I thought I filmed walking in but I accidentally didn’t hit record — dang it!

Our last day we sailed in a PIRATE SHIP around Torshavn! Watch clear to the end to see our blooper reel from the whole trip — I still can’t watch it without bursting up laughing! Who’s fail was your favorite!?

Thank you so much for joining us on our adventure in The Faroe Islands, and to Visit Faroe Islands for hosting us! This has been by far our favorite family adventure so far. Stay tuned for more family adventures to come!



– 5:14pm – Depart Salt Lake City with Delta Air Lines
– 8:51pm – Arrival in Mpls-St Paul
– 10pm – Depart Mpls-St Paul with Delta Air Lines

– 9:10am – Arrive in Reykjavik
– 6:40pm – Depart Reykjavik Domestic Airport with Atlantic Airways
– 9pm – Arrive at Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands
– Pick up SUV rental car from 62N desk at airport.
– Good idea to pick up a map and tourist guide at the information desk at the airport.
– Drive to Tórshavn and check in at Airbnb. 

DAY 1:
– Rest in the morning
– 12:30pm – Take 15-minute ferry from Tórshavn to island of Nólsoy (the ferry is located by the
smaller of the two harbours in Tórshavn). The ferry can’t be pre-booked, but the tickets only cost
approximately 5 dollars per person.
– 4:50pm – Take ferry back to Tórshavn.

DAY 2:
– Easy morning, getting used to jetlag.
– 12pm – Spend the day with guide, Jóhannus Hansen, from Reika Adventures. He’ll hike with you along
Sørvágsvatn. Remember to bring good walking boots and dress in layers as the weather can be
pretty unpredictable.

DAY 3:
– 9:30 – Meet with guide, Rani Nolsøe, by the ferry harbour in Klaksvík. The ferry to the island of
Kalsoy leaves at 10:00, so Rani will meet you at 9:30. Note that the drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvík
takes about 1 hour.
– Rani’s info: Raninolsoe@me.com

DAY 4:
– Spend the rest of the day exploring the Faroe Islands by car, visiting places such as Gjógv, Tjørnuvík
and Viðareiði.
– 7pm: Heimablídni dinner in the homes of farmers, Anna and Óli. There will be other
guests at the dinner and there is no particular time frame, so you’re welcome to leave whenever
you feel the need to.

DAY 5:
– 10:20 – Take ferry from village of Sørvágur (Vágar island) to Mykines. Drive from Tórshavn to
Sørvágur takes about 1 hour. Book tickets before hand – MORE INFO HERE.
– Meet with guide, Heini, when you arrive on the island. He will have a packed lunch for you, and will
take you hiking to see the wonderful puffins. OUR GUIDE (Heini): http://visitmykines.com
– 17:05 – Take ferry from Mykines back to Sørvágur.

DAY 6:
– 9am – 12pm: Sightseeing trip with schooner, Norðlýsið, to the island of Nólsoy or Hestur
(destination depends on weather and sea currents). Book tickets before hand – MORE INFO HERE.
– 12:30 – Lunch at Etika (best sushi in the WORLD!), located in downtown Faroe Islands.
– Open schedule to try anything else you didn’t get time to do!

DAY 7:

– Afternoon open to try things you didn’t have time for during the week.
– 6:10pm – Depart Vágar Airport with Atlantic Airways.
– 6:35pm – Arrive in Reykjavik
– Take taxi from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Airport Hotel Aurora Star, located right next to
Keflavik International Airport.

– 8:30am – Depart from Keflavik International Airport (change of planes in Mpls-St Paul)
– 1:01pm – Arrival in Salt Lake City

FOR MORE INFO ABOUT FAROE ISLANDS: https://visitfaroeislands.com/


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  1. Joanna
    September 10, 2018 / 11:31 am

    These pictures are priceless ❤️ You can see Lucy’s little mind working and her imagination coming alive and Greta ? oh that kid and the “moos”…so funny! But I think my favorites are of her on Hailey’s back, snuggled in. There are no words for the beauty of this land…as always, you two and your talents capture it perfectly ??❤️

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