We promised Greta that we would take her to Disneyland if she got potty trained… So we went ahead and booked a trip for the next month! Little did we know that she would potty train herself in literally three days perfectly hahah — She literally asked us if we were going every single day! So when the time finally came we decided to surprise the girls at the airport! It was such a sweet surprise!
PARENTS GONE WILD! ? You’d never guess we only got four hours of sleep last night, would you!? Our hotel didn’t have a crib available, so it made for a pretty wild night with Greta. ? Stoked to be here, either way! 
Real life thunder at Thunder Mountain! We froze our buns off but still had so much fun!

2019 ?? 2014 #littlelucydevine [Raise your hand if you’ve been here since the first photo!]

This photo makes me giggle because the girls look so LOW KEY when they were completely freaking out inside to meet Minnie at her house! Ha! Until next time Disney!!

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