Vietnam Expedition 2019

WELCOME TO OUR 5TH ANNUAL SOMEWHERE DEVINE EXPEDITION! Nine months ago we announced and opened up applications for this expedition and it sold out in minutes! We were BLOWN AWAY! But what no ones knows is that we actually had a complete different country initially planned, but we kept getting drawn to the idea of Vietnam. So we took the leap of faith and SWITCHED IT a week before launch! There are so many logistics that go into hosting such a large group, but somehow everything fell perfectly into place for us all to be here.
We had two different construction service projects at two different schools and we were surprised how many kids and locals showed up to lend a hand – especially in the Vietnamese heat!
^^ A sweet farewell with all the kids that came out after our projects ^^
Now off to the rice fields!
What I didn’t realize is that the entire hike through the rice fields was basically on a balance beam the entire way, surrounded by water! We all slipped in a time or two and were completely muddy and drenched in sweat by the end!
We hiked through the rice fields to this amazing swimming hole and natural water slide! Seriously laughed so hard!
Just me over reacting when it comes to water, per usual. 😉
Then to end the expedition we boarded a cruise and sailed through beautiful Ha Long Bay! We kayaked, took a Vietnamese cooking class, played games and even did squid fishing at night – I don’t think any of us every slept! Honestly the most fun I’ve ever had in a long time. It’s crazy how you meet people from the internet and you just *click*.
Farewell, Vietnam – you were so good to us! (See more in our video!)

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