I was absolutely shocked that Baby P had stayed put until my due date – both Lucy and Greta came at 38 weeks so I couldn’t believe it! Also it was my first time experiencing a full time pregnancy and man oh man, my heart goes out to all the moms that go over their due date. I felt like I was busting at the seems and couldn’t even sleep properly anymore! It was so so strange going to bed the night before my induction date knowing that it was the last time I’d sleep in my bed with this baby inside me. I was a ball of nerves. Both Lucy and Greta came on the fly with a rush to the hospital so I never got to have these last thoughts and moments of pregnancy before. I was feeling so nostalgic and nervous – knowing a big chapter was about to both end and begin. With such a big age gap between Greta and Baby P (a little over 4 years), I felt so out of touch! I hadn’t had a baby in diapers in a couple years, had been sleeping through the night, and forgot what to expect with this whole newborn thing. But even though I was nervous and anxious I was even more excited. I remember feeling her rolling around in my tummy that night thinking “Tomorrow I’m going to be holding you in my arms!”
Lucy and Greta slept at my parents and we went bright and early to the hospital! There was the most beautiful sunrise and I felt so much peace. Brad is so funny because his nerves set in that morning, where mine set in the night before. I was feeling cool as a cucumber as he was scrambling out the door! Ha! We arrived to the hospital and I couldn’t believe how quick everything went. With my other two I had to sit in a waiting room in agony as my contractions got for frequent for them to admit me. So this was so foreign!! I got in my gown, the nurse came and gave me the IV, and I requested to get my epidural so I could just relax. The epidural is always the hardest part for me, especially because it didn’t take fully with Lucy’s delivery and then it was too late. So I got my epidural and was honestly on top of the world! SO HAPPY. We facetimed the girls a few times and they were so so excited. I got emotional as I was texting my family as we waited for my body to progress – this was the first time I haven’t been allowed to have our family in the room and it just felt sad not to have them in there – but I was beyond thankful to have Brad there.
At 12:51pm I started to push and after two pushes she popped herself out!
This is one of those moments that I wish I could rewind and relive over and over. Her little body getting plopped on my chest was so surreal felt this overwhelming love and joy. Our Pippa Laine is here!
We could not stop smiling over her little faces and sounds – and we were also completely surprised with that DARK HAIR!
We named her Pippa Laine Devine, after my grandma Elaine.
She was so beat up from birth and absolutely beautiful all at the same time.
Weighing 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long, our biggest baby yet.
We love you, Pippa Laine. Welcome to the family!

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