You know you’ve reached Masai Mara when you step out of the plane to find hippo footprints on the runway! Absolutely one of the craziest airstrip experiences of my life and so fun to have the girls here for this.
Our whole Somewhere Devine Kenya Expedition crew, ready to safari! ^^
Lucy and Greta grabbed their binoculars and we set out for our first drive to look for animals! It was so funny because at the beginning we were so strict about them keeping their seatbelts on but by the end of day three they were just casually bouncing all over the place hahah
Lucy on the lookout for giraffes, while Greta cannot wait to see a Hyena! Hahah why am I even surprised!?
We got to see so much variety of different animals but the giant heard of elephants were by far my favorite! Look at this tiny baby!
Thought we’d lean over to see Lucy drawing a lion or cheetah, but no, its a mermaid hahaha – never change, Lucy!
Lucy keeping a clooooose eye on those crocodiles…
Honestly the BEST safari experience we’ve ever had with Mattaw Safaris! We made so many priceless memories and cannot wait to come back. Watch our video for more!

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