Brad and I stayed at the Giraffe Manor a couple years ago to photograph the launch of the Adventure Journal, and ever since we have been dying to bring our kids here! So when we hosted our Kenya Expedition, we decided to stay a little longer – especially because we didn’t have to hurry back home to any kids this time! We arrived and the girls instantly wanted to play on the giant swing, which was a fun new addition since we were last here!
We went out to afternoon ‘high tea’ and honestly felt a little out of our element but had so much fun playing and feeding the giraffes! Lucy’s favorite thing EVER – and Greta worked up the courage to feed one herself too!
We woke up superrrr early – like 5am to the magic of a giraffe right outside our window (ps hiii can you see mine and Greta’s faces in this photo!?) It was SUCH a surreal moment for all of us!
The girls facial expressions take the cake hahaha
Feeling so grateful for this time making memories as a family before the girls get big and we start settling down a little more. I know we will continue to have family adventures but probably not this big and I know that they won’t always stay this little forever!

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