A Haunted Mansion Halloween

Remember the ol’ “plate of spaghetti” costume I wore when we were first married!? Well I KNEW there was a reason why I held onto it for all these years – I repurposed it and make myself Madame Leota – but let me rewind first…
We live in a really fun community that goes ALL OUT for holidays, especially for Halloween. So In September we had this thought – If we can’t currently go to Disneyland, why don’t we bring Disneyland to us!? So we came up with this wild idea to dress our house up like Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, and Brad and I practically became imagineers everyday while Pippa napped and the girls went to school! Hahah who knew Brad was an electrician!? He made candlesticks and jack-o-lanterns for our roofline and I might be biased because I saw all the time that he put into it but it turned out pretty epic! Next we made the “Man Eating Wreath”, taking full advantage of the 50% off Christmas section at our local craft store. Hahhaa and we HAD to complete the idea with matching Haunted Mansion themed costumes, Brad: Cast Member Butler, Hailey: Madame Leota, Lucy: Constance Hatchaway, Greta: Sally Slater (stretch room) and Pippa: our little Hitchhiking Ghost!
We had so much bringing some “Disney Magic” and getting fun unexpected “drive-bys” every day – my favorite was seeing the old folks home shuttle stop by a time or two! More to come next year… We’re just getting started. 😉

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